Quality Policy of the Programme

The MSc in Public Administration & Local Government (PP&TA), in collaboration with the Quality Assurance Unit (QA Unit) of the University of Peloponnese (PA.PEL), harmonizes its Quality Policy with the Quality Policy of the University of Peloponnese and the Department of Public Administration and specifies it in certain points.

The University seeks to become a pillar of excellence in education and research, while emphasising internationalisation, the exploitation of research results, teaching and learning innovation, the development of entrepreneurship and the link between the institution and society. The MSc in PPD&TA has developed and implements a specific formal Quality Assurance Policy, which is part of its strategy.

This Policy is based on the following fundamental values of the P.P.E.L. and in particular of the Department of QA: Characteristics of the Department’s Quality Policy are:

The development of a culture of quality among members of the academic community and the inculcation

The promotion of a sense of quality in the academic community and the instillation of a sense of responsibility, both in their relations with each other and in their relations with their social partners. To safeguard ethics, morality and equal opportunities for learning.

Ensuring the quality of the curriculum and shaping it in accordance with international academic standards, and in particular with the NIFAE standard.

Dedication to the educational process and the advancement of science based on the needs of students, their future professional rehabilitation and the needs of society in general.

The active contribution of external bodies and organisations in the direction of linking education to the labour market.

Promoting a culture of inclusion and acceptance of diversity.

In this context, the Quality Policy of the Postgraduate Programme “PP&TA” has as its central objective the formation of critical thinking and is governed by the following basic principles:

  • The acquisition by the students of scientific knowledge and the development of critical thinking in the field of Public Administration and Local Government and the key areas it focuses on,
  • to deepen students’ understanding of the methods of scientific thinking and research in order to analyse and understand the role of Public Administration and Local Government in contemporary societies,
  • to provide students with the knowledge and skills required for entering positions of responsibility in the labour market, mainly related to the investigation of complex administrative and social problems and the formulation and implementation of policies to address them, and preparation for doctoral studies in public administration and local government and related subjects.