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Each semester consists of thirteen (13) full teaching weeks. All courses are taught for three hours per week.For the award of the M.Sc. degree, 90 credits (ECTS) are required. Specifically, 30 credits per semester, i.e. 7.5 credits per course and 22.5 credits for the Diploma Thesis.

Courses include teaching (delivery, assignments, examinations). Each student is required to attend and successfully pass a total of 8 courses, 4 courses per semester. The third semester includes the attendance of the Dissertation Seminar, as well as the preparation of the Dissertation and the student’s examination on it.

The educational process of each course includes one or more of the following forms:

  • synchronous distance learning and asynchronous distance learning
  • One-to-one or group assignments,
  • seminars, tutorials per course, study visits and excursions; and
  • Preparation of a thesis.

The link between theory and practice is a key objective of the MSc and runs through all courses of the curriculum as well as the entire educational process across the whole range and scientific fields of the programme.

1st Semester

DEO5106Policy and GovernanceMandatory37,5
DEO5103The Contractual Policies of Local GovernmentMandatory37,5
DEO5122Biocultural Development and Local SocietyMandatory37,5
DEO5101Organisational Redesign of Public Bodiesoptional compulsory37,5
DEO5102eGovernmentoptional compulsory37,5
Α. Electronic tools in the distance learning method,
Β. Pedagogical seminars in distance learning and research/research methodology/writing scientific papers
Total Semester Credits30

2nd Semester

DEO5105Strategic and Operational PlanningMandatory37,5
DEO5114Administrative Reforms: State and Local GovernmentMandatory37,5
DEO5109Local government and local public policiesMandatory37,5
DEO5108Public Policies of the European Unionoptional compulsory37,5
DEO5207Special issues of Public Employment Lawoptional compulsory37,5
Α. Electronic tools in the distance learning method,
Β. Pedagogical seminars in distance learning
Total Semester Credits30

3rd Semester

DEO5116Specialized seminars in Research Methodology, in the context of the Diploma ThesisMandatory--
DEO5116Preparation of Postgraduate Diploma Thesis-30
Total Semester Credits30

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